Thursday, January 14, 2010

Companies that give out free stuff for you to share with your friends

Good Morning friends, it seems deals and blogging have taken a back seat to life these days. I'm also struggling with the fact that I would like to do more posts about other stuff, you know activities I do with my kids and yummy recipes I try out. A new blog is also just hard. It's hard to know if anything you do is worth the extra time. Does anyone read my deals, has anyone gotten a deal because of something I wrote. I wonder. But, I also know that there are more and more people like me who are looking to stretch their dollar just a little bit further for whatever reason. Which is why I do what I do. I don't post everything which I wonder if I should post more. Hmmm...questions, questions, questions I ponder.

Well let's get on with it. Today's bit is about the different companies out there that if you sign up to be a member they might give you new products to try, coupons for free products, products to share, and coupons to share. It is kind of like being a spokesperson for them. It is really easy and casual. Most of them just ask to tell your friends what you think of what they sent. Some of them ask you to fill out a survey or write up a short paragraph about who you shared with and what the response was.

I have been given room deodorizers, body wash, baby soap, diaper cream, laundry products, cereal and more. They send me an email every now and then and ask if I had the chance to share the product and I can choose to reply then or not, which really helps me remember.

So here are the three different ones that I signed up with:




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  1. I do read and use your ideas..........without your blog I wouldn't because I honestly just don't have any extra time! Thank your for your hard work, I truly appreciate it!


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