Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tillamook is coming to your town!

This one is for my BFF :) since she is one of the only ones who reads this. lol!

Check out what I found thanks to FrugalLivingNW.

There is going to be a Tillamook Loaf Love Tour! And they are hitting all of you except me, there are no scheduled stops in Oregon. Probably because we can get it everywhere. But for the rest of you, the cheese is coming to you!

May 21st they will be at the Staters in San Jac
1537 S San Jacinto Avenue, San Jacinto, CA
and in Hemet
 43396 Florida Avenue, Hemet, CA
and  210 E Stetson Avenue, Hemet, CA

Feb.17th - March 13th they will be in San Diego

March 2nd at Ralphs in San Marcos.

They will also be in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona.

So enjoy everyone. I'm hoping we will make it out to the cheese factory on Monday when we take Lincoln to the beach for his birthday.

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