Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fred Meyer deals for September 12th-18th

 I went to Freddies last night with the hubby and the little ones.(eeeek!) We had a return, an exchange, a missed coupon adjustment on TEN (of the same) items, and a question about not getting our $.10 off on our gas when using the Rewards card. That alone should have been the end of the trip. But no, we decided to shop and let the boys peruse the toy aisle. (lucky Dad got that job) :)

  I found a few deals I thought I would share, and more I found searching my bloggy friends.

Organic Gala apples $.98/pound! I am always happy when I can find organic fruits or veggies for under a $1.00 a pound. 

Organic green onions $.50 a bunch

Tillamook Ice cream $2.50/half gallon with in ad coupon.  <~~~ This is my most favoritist kind of ice cream!

Charmin 12 Double Rolls Ultra Soft on sale $5.49 with weekly ad coupon
Use $3/1 Fred Meyer eCoupon
$2.49*after coupons

My not so great find were organic avocados for $1.79 each! I only bought 2. I made guacamole for dinner and used half of one for Allie's baby food. It is HARD for me to justify that. I walked by them twice and probably stood there for a good 5 minutes staring at them before I went ahead and did it.I didn't have my dirty dozen list with me to see how far down they were on the list, but I just keep telling myself to do what feels best when it comes to feeding my family.

And in the exact same post I am going to tell you I bought two bags of Halloween candy. My only justification is that the candy is for my Scentsy Open House on Friday and a Scentsy Party on Saturday. I never said I was perfect, but I will keep trying to do better :)

Here's some great info about using your Fred Meyer's ecoupons if you need some more help or clarification.

Thanks Frugal Living NW for some of the deals posted above.

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