Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A different kind of stain remover

I have a baby shirt I have washed and washed and washed and have never been able to get the stain out of it. I don't remember what the stain is now, but every time I bring a new stain cleaner home I try it and nothing has gotten it out. The shirt is part of a set so that is why I have been so persistent. Well the other day I poured Hydrogen Peroxide on it and threw it into the pile of kids clothes to be washed. The pile sat a few days and I forget it was in there and washed and dried it. Well, when I was folding it I remembered what shirt it was and couldn't believe it when all the stains were gone. SO now I will keep a bottle of this next to the washing machine for those stubborn stains.
I'm sure this is something similar to Oxy Clean but that didn't work on this shirt either. I have only had Oxy Clean work once for me and that is when I boiled a shirt in it :) but that's a different post.

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