Monday, November 23, 2009

How to get more free stuff

I want to share another way that I am able to get free things today. Since I started following blogs and reading what the internet world has to say at the beginning of the year, I have won 3 different give aways. These contests usually just involve leaving a comment, for an extra entry they may ask you to become a follower of them and or their sponsor, they may ask you to tweet about their contest for another entry, or to make a post about it for another.
I usually enter 1-2 contests a week from blogs that I follow regularly. At one time I entered every contest and who knows maybe I won one of them but not all email you, sometimes they write a post and you have to respond. Well I couldn't keep track of who I had read or what I had entered so that's why now I just do those I follow.
I have won a twilight gift package that had the DVD, the book, a book bag, a messenger bag, dog tags, key chains, and more. I'm sorry but I don't remember from where but I think it was Keeping the Kingdom First. I won samples of lotions from a boutique in Portland from I won tickets to the Parade of Homes in the Pearl from another blog. And I just won a coupon to Old Navy from
That's 4 contests in 10 months for just a little bit of my time. So if there are any blogs you visit don't be scared to enter their contest you never know you might be the lucky one.

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